Saturday, February 12, 2011

Second Stage-- Alzeheimer's Disease

                                                Moderate Alzheimer's Disease

     In moderate Alzheimer's disease, the damaging processes occuring in the brain worsen and spread to other areas that control language, reasoning, sensory processing, and thought in this stage symptoms and signs of Alzheimer's sisease becomes more pronounced and behaviorial problems may become more obvious.  Signs and symptoms of moderate alzheimer's disease may include:

       1)   Forgetting old facts:
                 * continnually repeats old stories and/or asks the same questions over and over
                  * makes up stories when they can't remember

       2)   Difficulty preforming tasks:
                 *followingwritten notes
                 * using the shower and toilet
         3)  Common behavioral symptoms:           
                 * restlessness, repetitive movements
                 * wondering around confused
                 * paranoia, delusions, hallucinations
In my experience they see people from their past that have passed on.

         4)  Falls short in intellect and reasoning
         5)  lack of concern for appearance, hygiene and sleeps a great deal more.