Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oxygen, Silicon,and Alumiun...WHERE ???

                                                Oxygen,Silicon,and Aluminum ...WHERE?
     After noticing the increasing number of people in my life that have/had Alzheimer's Disease, I began going through my notes of days gone by.  After working in a couple of nursing homes and later in private care, I couldn't help but to notice similarities between Alzheimer's patients the lives they had led, and the lives of most people.
     There are three denominators common to all of us.  Oxygen, Silicon, and Aluminum in our fresh water supply.  Floride (fluorine) is added to fresh water,and it can not be absorbed without a conducter.
      Aluminum is the conductor.  Floride attaches to aluminum, flows through the bloodstream and travels to various parts in the body, eventually gets into the brain.
     Floride is impossible to remove from water. Osmosis can't even get it out. Aluminum is put in our toothpaste, baking powder, shampoos the list just keeps going on.
     In the brain we have cells called "Microglia."  Microglia act as little "vacuum cleaners" they clear away harmful proteins and debris that would otherwise gunk up the brain.  As we age microglia don't work as well, which leads to memory loss.
     Alzheimer's disease is not typical aging, for example, misplacing something or forgetting an apointment.  It is the inability to retract ones steps to correct the memory loss. Alzheimer's may begin 10 to 20 years before any visible signs or symptoms. 
     There are 6.4 million people suffering from this progressive, degenerative and eventually fatal disease and
by the year 2050 scienctists predict that 14 million people will have Alzheimer's Disease.    
     There are things you can do to protect yourself now: Read product ingredients, Filter water, Learn to replace some products with your own homemade.
      Alzheimer's is a cruel disease that can attack anyone. Linda G..