Saturday, January 15, 2011


I read an article not long ago. Wish I had of known this sooner.
  They don't know understand why it strikes, how it erodes your mind, or how to get rid of it once it does.
  The only thing they DO understand is how to overcharge you for useless pills...and how to recommend a good nursing home.
   But no matter what you've heard, you know that you DON'T have to lose your wits to this dreaded disease. Natural treatments exist-- and fortunately for you, they're much cheaper and often more effective than anything requiring a prescription.
    Dr. Wright believes a landmark study has confirmed what scientists once thought impossible... that you can actually "regrow" and regenerate your brain--at any age.
     This led the main researchers to exclaim: "This is the first demonstration of a pharmacological (drug) increase of brain matter."
    So what is this mineral miracle that's been hiding under our noses the whole time?
    Now bear with me here. Most people think lithium's for loons in straight-jackets. But that's lithium carbonate-- which is only available with a prescription and used to treat bipolar disorder.  Truth be told lithium isn't a drug at all.  It's a mineral-- part of the same family of minerals that includes sodium and potassium.
    I'm talking about lithium aspartate or lithium orotate-- completely safe minerals you can pick up at any health food store for about 26 cents.
    So safe in fact, one healer has used them to treat Alzheimer's for 31 years without reporting a single significant side effect. Try to get those kinds of results from prescription drugs!
    But even more astounding than the decades-long safety record of those two minerals is how powerful they really are.
    The FDA-approved Alzheimer's drug Namenda has been touted as the solution, but in reality, it blocks only ONE Alzheimer pathway.
   Meanwhile, lithium aspartate and orotate have been shown to block major pathways in recent studies.
    Not to mention Namenda runs about $4.84 a day--almost 20 times what it costs you for your 26-cent-a-day lithium tablets
    But here's the worst part--one of Namenda's most common side effects is...confusion!?
    That means this drug that supposedly treats confusion is actually causing it!
    Unbelievable, you say. Well, this is coming straight from the normally tight lipped FDA's own website.
    Now, you have to ask yourself "Why haven't I heard about this before?"
    Because of modern medicine's "Golden Rule"-- those with the gold make the rules.  And here's the bottom line...
     If they can't patent it, they can't profit.  Please read next blog.