Saturday, July 31, 2010


As long as we need to use it use it wisely. Fuel economy is more than altering driving techniques. When you fill-up affects your consumption and saves you money:
In Hot weather fill up in the coolest part of the day, early mornings or later in the evenings. Gasoline expands with heat. An increse of 30 degree can cause 10 gallons of gas to expand by as much as 4/5's of a quart. Expanding in the heat and contracting when the temperature drops.
Don't overfill your tank(s). Don't be tempted to put more in when the hose clicks off. Gas evaporates in the heat.
Make sure the gas cap fits tightly, going up and down hills you are taking the chance for gas to run out onto the pavement. Gas weakens the asphalt until it dissolves same with driveways and parking lots, not to mention the job it does to the paint on your auto.. One day we may not need to use petro in our vechiles but for now we can all do a little something extra and help out ourselfs and help slow down air pollution. Linda G..