Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A letter to all of Louisville, Kentucky-7-13-2010

I am the mother of two girls. Their father skipped out on us years ago, year to date he owes over 100,000 dollars. He has never sent a Birthday card, a Christmas card, not even one phone call. He left right after the youngest was born, because she was and still is and always will be sick. My older one is in college trying to fullfill her dream of becoming a school teacher. He is there in your city. His name is Jackson Lee Sowers,Sr. Actually he lives in one of your nearby countys. I wrote to your Governor, he claimed that the statute of limitations is up? Makes no sense, raising children is a life long job, there should never be a time limitation. He has not always been in Louisville he has moved about ducking us. He was found on the internet. Can you beleive he was in our military? not to worry there was no war then or the ARMY would have had him long before Me AWOL. He is from Mullens, West Virginia. I understand he has one of his brothers (Same last name as he does) living there next to him. If you happen to run into him you can pat him on the back and say "Good Job" or ask him for me why he has never paid my girls the money the judge told him to pay so many years ago. He is not the kind you want your loved ones around, I know him and can tell you so many truthful things, just keep an eye open for the ones you really care about. If you have any advice please contact me- "I thank You!" LindaG..