Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25th,2010 Friday

The heat has been bearing down for the last three days. Thoday being the coolest at 95. I watered my gardens at 6:45a.m.. As I did I listened to all kinds of birds singing. Its not as easy as some think to grow a beautiful garden, weeds just seem to move in so fast, trying with all of their might to choke the life out of what is trying so hard to surivive. Just as when I was a child. My job was to follow MOM along the newly formed garden rows to pat, pat, pat a bit of soil over the seeds she gently placed into the straight,shallow line formed by the garden hoe. Pat,pat,pat. I followed along, gantly and carefully covering up the seeds to protect them from harm. I tokk my job seriously, and I enjoyed it immensely. As I am learning to do all over again , everyday in my own garden. Linda G..